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photo: Hofter, Sibylle
Riksha pullers in Dhaka rent riksha and a place to sleep on the first floor of the shed for 320 Taka (=4 Euro) per day. 1 kilometer riksha ride costs about 20 Taka (0,25 Euro) and a ride of 1 hour in the ongoing jam 120 Taka (1,50 Euro) up to 3 passengers. The riksha puller maintains the riksha by himself.
photo: Hofter, Sibylle
Office of the small Human Rights Disability and Development Foundation (HDDF) in Hazaribag - Dhaka is dedicated to support the inclusion of disabled and their families, by training, funding and individually consult the clients.
photo: Hofter, Sibylle
Laywer's office in the court building - Dhaka
photo: Hofter, Sibylle
After a praying day. Dhaka
photo: Hofter, Sibylle
Tanning - Leather processing II (-drumming) Hazaribag - Dhaka most of the tanneries have moved out of the city centre (Hazaribag). Generally industries are divided in export to west and local market. Access to manufacturing for local market is generally easy. Exporters are much more conscious about what they show.


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photo: Hofter, Sibylle
Garment manufacturing in Keraniganj - Dhaka for local market. Usually small manufacturers rent spaces in a kind of Plaza. 80 % of the workers are underaged boys. One adult told me general working hrs are 12/day 6 days/week. Payed by piece as a cutter he as an adult makes 500-750Taka/day 13.000 - 15.000/month aprox. 150 $ for 26days/12hrs = 312hrs >> 50ct/hr. no insurance. no pension. children earn far less.
photo: Hofter, Sibylle
IHH - Insani Yardim Vakfi - Humanitarian Aid Fund - Branch Reyhanli
photo: Toshev, Georgi
series: inside 5
7 patients of the Kurilo Hospital for mental disorders took cameras for 3 hours to document parts of their living circumstances in the hospital. selection was more or less done by Agentur Schwimmer. Kurilo is part of the Novo Iskar cluster city in the outskirts of Sofia.
photo: Nya Njaounga, Patricia
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inside Kurilo
- 7 patients of the psychiatric hospital in the outskirts of Sophia portray their living circumstances in 3 hours.

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