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photo: Hofter, Sibylle
refugee families (accomodated by the ngo Praksis in the cheap downtown Hotel Albion) and neighbors watch the defile march 24 in Athens. The day refers to march 25th 1821, the Greek Revolution. Ministre of defense, Panos Kammenos (Anel - Independent Greeks), quite successfully defended his budget: While the greek military budget was twice as high (related to the GDP) as Nato avarage in 2008, it currently (2016) is in the Nato average of 1.8% (3.3 bn) while the country and the people face severe shortages on almost all other levels. 2001-2010 15% of German military export was to Greece (Leopard e.a.).
photo: Hofter,Sibylle
closing panel and closing ceremony of the whs in Istanbul
photo: Hofter,Sibylle
closing briefing of the WHS in Istanbul, Ban Ki Moon and Erdogan.
photo: Hofter,Sibylle
manufacturer of modules, palettes and covers from recycled polyethylen. Turmaks, Ankara


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photo: Toshev, Georgi
series: inside 5
7 patients of the Kurilo Hospital for mental disorders took cameras for 3 hours to document parts of their living circumstances in the hospital. selection was more or less done by Agentur Schwimmer. Kurilo is part of the Novo Iskar cluster city in the outskirts of Sofia.
photo: Hofter, Sibylle
women's department in the headquarter of the AK parti in Ankara
photo: Nya Njaounga, Patricia
driving schools in Cameroon on strike auto ecoles en Cameroun en grève
photo: Hemberger, Ulrike
Dia del Ejercito, army day in Quito, Ecuador. celebrating the 194th anniversary of the Battle in Carabobo / Batalla de Carabobo under the statue of simon bolivar. María de Lourdes Urbaneja Durant, venzuelan ambassador in Quito and Alejandro Santillan, antropologist, Licenciado del Universidad Central, Quito are under the speakers.
photo: Hofter, Sibylle
In 2011 the workers of Vio.Me (Viomixaniki Metalleytiki) in Thessaloniki squatted their factory after the management had left. Since then the collective of 10 people (ex-workers and 2 chemical engineers) autonomously manufacture bio-degradable ecological soap and detergents. production of a fluid detergent

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Turkey IHH, AK Parti women's HQ Ankara, humanitarian supply chains, manufacturing...
WHS- humanitarian summit Istanbul

inside Kurilo - 7 patients of the psychiatric hospital in the outskirts of Sophia portray their living circumstances in 3 hours.

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Annual meeting of the
Asian Development Bank in Frankfurt

march 2016
Sofia, Tessaloniki, Sachsen-Anhalt

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